Add N to (X) –

Long ago Add N to X were putting on killer live acts with multiple drummers, theremins and plenty of cables and nobs.

In Vengeance. The Black Regent.


Scottish Cherries

KT Tunstall first came to my attention years ago in this exact performance of Black horse. A nice example of some live looping, great voice, good lyrics and sharp execution.

What else could you need.

Rotting seeds

Can never seem to Grinderman….

Nick Cave now gone the way of Grinderman plays out some frustrations on Later with Jules Holland.

A lot of pent up energy to say the least.



Colors on the wire

Horowitz tumbling and turning rapturous strains of color. It has been said that a piano is not something you play but instead something you play with. A subtle wrestling of skin and wood from the vibrations of the heart to the resonance of a wracked cage of wires. The filament of an idea bound from the ghost of Chopin to the aged mummified carcass of timber and string,through the very living hands of someone so very human and so very certain of the uncertainty that that implies.


Bjork and Polly Jean Harvey. committing the sound of hunger. Not a bad way to start a Monday. Keep it moving,. As they say “a rolling stone gathers no moss”.

Endlessly Marco


Click here to see Evolution

Italian Born Canadian raised artist Marco Brambilla first registered on my radar with his incredibly massive vertical video loop ‘Civilization’ Megaplex (below). Civilization was installed outside of a glass elevator and played in step with the vertical position of the lift. It appears since then he has made a second piece in the series entitled ‘Evolution’ megaplex (above, click as it is unfortunately not possible to embed it). This piece was displayed in 3d as this rather shoddy and short clip roughly demonstrates.


of Course he has since been commissioned to do Ads and music videos in his distinctive style. A while back there was the Kanye West piece he did. Though impressive somehow I t seems cheap or forced. But maybe I am just a purist.

Marco’s website can be found here.


Martin Who?

Danish DirectorMartin De Thurah now again in the spotlight for his quirky and pitch perfect video for the song ‘Who’ by David Byrne and St Vincent is it turns out the man behind two of the most striking videos that had appeared in the past few years.

Both feature models and both feature the voice of Swedish singer Karin Dreijer Andersson (of among other things, The Knife).

The first is for the Norwegian duo Royskopp’s track ‘Whtat else is there’ in which she lends her voice. The video features model Marianne Schröder floating continuously under tempestuous skies.

and the second is of course ‘When I grow up’ from Karin’s solo project Fever Ray. This video was the first contact I had with Fever Ray a band/project that has for me long since become an inescapable audioscape for winter and yearning.  Model Olivia Anselmo is asked to perform a sort of conjuring ritual that brings the domestic cauldron of a seemingly long abandoned swimming pool a boil with feral pagan remembrance.

And if you haven’t encountered it yet, then here is the Martin De Thurah video for the Song ‘Who’ off of the David Byrne / St Vincent collaborative album “love this giant”

Planet Indiana

Rita Indiana mixes traditional merenge of the Dominican Republic with North American  rock influences.

Unfortunately an HD version has escaped me but the lofi video quality kind of compliments the synthesizers… not to mention the mind melt.