An alchemy of vibration and light straight From the beating heart of Hungary, Pest side, Budapest

the Anormal sessions is a blog and live music video project founded by experimental film maker Vandad Kashefi in 2010. Working in all genres, our mission is to film live music videos for all the most interesting musical acts in Hungary and beyond.

What is a live music video? Let’s start with what it is not, it’s not a concert video and it’s not a music video where the music is prerecorded. ┬áIt is a music video where the music and the video are recorded during the same shoot. All the creative expression of a Music video and the unparalleled honesty of a live musical performance mixed into one.

The blog has many contributors, visual and audio artists all bringing their own tastes to create this archive of music and image. Be sure to check in regularly for the latest anormal posts.