Jeff and Polly

Polly Jean sings a confessional tribute to her deceased friend, The immutable Jeff Buckley who drowned swimming in the wolf river in Tennessee.

She hints at their time spent together. Polly Jean and Jeff sharing secrets, the very thought of it fires the imagination.


Down the line

Jeff Buckley echoing Bob Dylan down the telephone wire.

An impromptu on air call to Jeff results in over the wire jam.

One of the more haunting moments in recorded time.


D Ven Dra Portheart

Neo hippy shamanist Devendra Banhart and then time lady friend Natalia Port-man enter trippy bollywood dreams in the video Carmensita… visuals by Skinny (David Hache, Dori Oskowitz and Marc Edouard Leon.)

Stuck on 5

Stuck on Gum – A track from the incredible fifth album in the SYR series.

Musical Perspective from SYR5  (Kim Gordon, Ikue Morie and DJ Olive).

In fact the whole album is quite sublime.