Danish DirectorMartin De Thurah now again in the spotlight for his quirky and pitch perfect video for the song ‘Who’ by David Byrne and St Vincent is it turns out the man behind two of the most striking videos that had appeared in the past few years.

Both feature models and both feature the voice of Swedish singer Karin Dreijer Andersson (of among other things, The Knife).

The first is for the Norwegian duo Royskopp’s track ‘Whtat else is there’ in which she lends her voice. The video features model Marianne Schröder floating continuously under tempestuous skies.

and the second is of course ‘When I grow up’ from Karin’s solo project Fever Ray. This video was the first contact I had with Fever Ray a band/project that has for me long since become an inescapable audioscape for winter and yearning.  Model Olivia Anselmo is asked to perform a sort of conjuring ritual that brings the domestic cauldron of a seemingly long abandoned swimming pool a boil with feral pagan remembrance.

And if you haven’t encountered it yet, then here is the Martin De Thurah video for the Song ‘Who’ off of the David Byrne / St Vincent collaborative album “love this giant”

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