I was searching through some old videos and I stumbled upon Warrior queen. I remember The first time I heard this track I was floored by the mean mean Bass and the Mc’s mad skill. It has been a while and it doesn’t quite hit me the same way but that is subjective and purely incidental. Warrior Queen Featuring with the Bug. Dubstep Sub bass madness. And the queen is dripping with attitude.  It gets a bit repetitive by the end, but then again it is dance music. Nonetheless there are teeth here and they are sharp.

Visually the video betrays it’s VJ roots, a mash up of collage visual art and dance hall projection. Also reflections of war speak to  the post Iraq and Afghanistan British psyche.


More collage cut out bumping bass and speakers on the run. This time featuring some obligatory booty gyration and some Kung fu fighting skills to match (the male equivalent of slow arse gyration is of course kicking and punching a lot). This time featuring for Sunship, Warrior Queen is on top form. Again accompanied by some serious Sub bass but again, alas, loses it’s grip after the first or second round.


The Last of our Warrior Queen roundup, Mutants by Liquid Stranger.  A strange Low Fi almost bad but mostly great music video featuring a Mime madman. The Low Fi quality of the video here as in the others reminds of the niche confines of this music. That is at least for me quite charming. Though that word brings to mind Julie Andrews whom Warrior Queen  is decidedly not.


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