Cabbies know, many drunken riders have gotten musical in the back of the old London cab. I can remember on more than one occasion, actresses, poets absinthe and whisky all culminating in the reverberations of a night time cabin, chauffeured by London’s finest. I can remember us turning like a moving carnival through the streets of old Blighty. Here the guys over at the black cab sessions have taken this phenomenon and turned it into their shooting concept. the streets of London are full of composure and corruption, deeply old and roughly modern, it is a perfect backdrop for most any song I would imagine, though I confess all in all the concept has cornered it’s creators, you see there is no where to go. Be that as it may, We are left with this and a few other gems. Here the Legendary Daniel Johnston, maker of comics and hand printed mix tapes, and all round inspiration for those that inspired a generation, sings for us and old ditty, (one that he wrote the year I was born it seems). His shaking betrays the weight of his struggles in life, yet the overall effect is light and free of care.  In many ways this piece results in a strange sort of optimistic melancholia.

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