NikaSaya = Nikaido Kazumi and Saya (of Tokyo) in the Guggenheim house in Shioya. The above is a track from there album “one summerheim” supposedly encapsulating their recordings one summer in the Guggenheim.

NikaSaya is a collaborative project between Nikaido Kazumi and Saya (of the Tokyo based duo “Tenniscoats”), These recordings are refreshing and surprising, the sounds of natural reverb, passing trains and vibrant voices coalesce into a strange and euphoric mood. Location based recording where the location becomes part of the music. The very nature of the wood specifies the time and place. It is the sense of vibrancy and life that lends a ghost like quality in so much as it reminds that every moment hangs on the razors edge between the immediate and the past. Pictured below the Guggenheim house click on the picture to see more photos from the same photographer.


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