So Friday was great, Lots of wonderful people and lots of Talented musicians. If you couldn’t make it down for one reason or another, here is a little portrait of the evening. We had a wide variety of performers and quite a diverse crowd, in fact you could see exactly who came to see from quite a ways away. Hoodies and saggy pants for Bankos, wine sippers for Juli hipsters for Veronika, rockers and new gen characters for Nemjuci and Odett etc etc. Lajko Felix and Závada Péter both couldn’t make it in the end. Péter came down with a nasty nasty flu, much to the despair of the Freemen who had been working what I am sure would have been a wonderful collaboration with him. Felix had something of a pressing concern that came up just a week before our gig, shame as well, we always have great times with Felix, our videos with him are in the edit and on there way. Now to make videos with each of the remaining acts… good times

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