Tony kaye, famed advertisement director and some time feature director (American history X) created this very beautiful piece for Dunlop tires. Advertisement as art he claims. I would say this takes more from haute couture than from anything you might find presented in a gallery, be it modern or traditional. Nonetheless it is quite lovely, I remember it had quite an effect on my in my childhood, in that it definitely stood apart from most. A strange kind of post apocalyptic summoning of petrol dreams. The velvet underground evoking bondage and sexualization of the combustion engine and all of its rubber paraphernalia. In this case tires. Tony Kaye was indeed very good, and for that matter still is I suspect. could it be the brazen ego that did him in. He did after all say he was the greatest english director since Alfred Hitchcock himself


Oh Tony, what are we to do with you?

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