Ólöf Arnalds of  Múm Sings off of her first solo album, her strange and elf like cadence is both compelling and refreshing.  This performance comes courtesy of  Seattle based radio KEXP 90.3 FM  simulcast session. Out of a population of just over three hundred thousand people, Iceland seems to produce some interesting songstresses. twenty three hours of sun a day in the summer and six hours a day in winter. Mix in Some island fever and the fact that everybody must be cousins or otherwise related should be enough to explain the quirk.  Not to mention the haunting chilled landscapes that confine and nurture you.

Here is Múm set by some industrious youtuber to the images of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “El Topo”,

Strangely this brings to mind ‘Polly’ by Queen Adreena, a band that deserves a post all of there own (and will probably receive one at some point) but you know it’s all about associations, at least in the annals of ones mind.

‘Polly’ is off of the album “Taxidermy”, incidentally my copy was imported from Japan and looked like this. Click on it to hear the track.

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