Long ago it was a session on La Blogothèque that first introduced me to St Vincent. Vincent moon shot her through a handheld grainy dv camera, and although raw and imperfect, or perhaps because it was so, that piece filmed on the streets of Paris remains one of most haunting musical sessions I have ever seen. Here many years Later St Vincent in New York with a tight new lineup has made in a completely different way, a piece that sets the standards both musically and visually. A fresh sharp session coming out of New York. every bit as reflective of New york as Vincent Moon’s portrait of St Vincent was reflective of Paris.
And also most recently (and I suppose this is the bigger news, but it is so big it almost seems redundant to mention) St Vincent and The great David Byrne have completed their album together. Concerts and touring will follow, here is a piece to accompany one of the songs.

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