Asa-Chang&Junray methodicaly unravel the moment to reveal the fragility of the naked heart. The inexplicably moving process of construction and deconstruction resonates with a very still place somewhere at the core. It is an exploration of moments and the moments between moments. The disintegration of the integer is achieved through the analogue vibrations of wood and skin in the pulse of the tabla and the digital soft schizophrenic blinking of the edit. It is in this sense pure poetry, an exercise in rhythm and timing. Like the constituent elements of the traditional tabla and the very modern wielding of digital artifacts, the imagery here also fuses the very old and the very new resulting in a sort of suspended reality that quivers outside of time. If one were to call the  piece above (tsuginepu to itte mita) a cultural exploration you would have to in turn define the piece below (hana) as an individual’s lament. Lonliness in company, wholeness, seperation and the density of the mundane. Male and Female voices enjoined yet distinct, reflective yet isolated. Well once again my words are inadequate. These moments can be cut finely with edge of a blade.



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