So Judie Jay tells me she would be singing with an amazing MC from NY city and that I should make my way down to listen. Well sure enough the stage was on fire.We put it out there that we do something together and the man was game. For backup he suggested SoulClap Budapest, He had jammed with one of their members the night before (Bognar Szabolcs) and was keen to work with him again. The thing was Molnar Adam had booked him for a brief trip, ILLspokinn would be leaving in four days so we had to pull something together in three. SoulClap hadn’t heard the lyrics, ILLspokinn hadn’t heard the music, and we hadn’t seen the location or heard either. Our cinematographer Györi Márk and our colorist Juristovszky Tamara  rustled up some magic out of thin air. And all this shot on our production managers birthday. A true collaboration, recording sound and image on the fly a:normal style.

Anormal (Vandad Kashefi)

Dop/Camera 1:
Márk Győri

Camera 2:
Vandad Kashefi

Camera 3:
Andi Gáldi Vinkó

Line Producer:
Judit Kastner

Márk Győri
Judit Kastner
Vandad Kashefi


Tamara Juristovszky

SFX/ Gaffer:
Barnabás Princz

Set decoration:
Eszter Borda
Zita Kraszkó

Booking agent:
Ádám Molnár

Sound recordist:
Dj Slow

Lyrics – ILLspokinn
Rhodes – Szabolcs Bognár
Flute – Fanni Zahár
Scratch/FX – András ‘Böki’ Örsi
Beats – Bálint ‘Slow’ Zsigri