The Icelandic quartet Agent Fresco were here in Budapest doing a gig arranged by Soundkitchen who asked us if we wouldn’t be interested in trying to do something while they were here. We made a few calls and arranged a quick shoot an hour or two before the gig in the nearby ‘Design Terminal’, (a 1950s bus terminal now acting as a center for culture and design). Throw in a bag full of Audio cassettes I found scattered on the streets the day before and you get our own little light bulb universe.

Anormal (Vandad Kashefi)

Director of Photography/A camera:
Eszter Csepeli

B Camera Operator:
Vandad Kashefi

C Camera Operator:
József Berta

Sound Recordist and Sound Mixing:
József Pótári

Production Manager:
Judit Kastner

Szilveszter Sváb-Kovács