Check out the Blu Blu art collective/graph art crew’s website. A notebook full of curiosity. If you feel like having your jaw drop a little just have a look at some of their videos. In fact they offer a dvd for sale of all of their works over the last ten years. Well worth a look. I mean I imagine it must be.

The work that must have gone into some of these things is impressive. In fact this makes me think of the motion painting collective ‘the barnstormers’, With them you can see the whole thing happen live, not animators but live painters. A kind of urban take on the zen sand drawing, in fact at times they touch on the sublime. Of course in the purist Zen conception the whole point is defeated by recording it, nonetheless it has a diet transendental message for all of us who are not quite ready for total self annihilation. Perfect viewing on a Sunday afternoon over a cup of tea.

The following piece has been made unembeddable so just click on it to go see it in vimeo. (it’s worth it)

I would check out there Vimeo page here, as they have other works there too.
The aptly named, watching paint dry being one of them.

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