I first discovered Hidenobu Ito in Australia when I was nineteen. I walked into a record shop (back when there were such things) and asked for something I wouldn’t have heard. I was handed some square pusher, fair enough whatever… and Bedroom in a cage by Hidenobu ito. That was quite an eye opener. glitch deconstruction, and this was a while before it seeped its way into mainstream underground music. By that I mean Radiohead and the like. I spent the next two weeks playing it constantly, We all lived in a beach house in the middle of a very natural scene. It made for a strong contrast. I couldn’t find much from bedroom in a cage on-line. I have the disk here in front of me though. It is something like an old lover. But I did find this newer track, amongst others. I know the sculptures from elsewhere but they go well with the title of the track ‘voicedelique’

Just in case you are wondering, here is the cover of Bedroom in a cage.

You can pick up bedroom in the cage on Amazon if you are that way inclined. I admit it is surely not for everyone.

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