We had wanted to shoot with Quimby for some time, and were in fact talking it over when Kiss Tibi came and sat at the table next to us. I reminded him that we had worked together many years earlier and explained our idea. Thankfully he was excited as we were about the whole thing, and the idea circulated back to the rest of the band.
This is just around the time of Quimby’s 20th anniversary, when they had their stadium anniversary concert.
Again we wanted to do something narrative, somewhat like what happened with the Hangmás shoot except with more stories. We built up an old nineties style bar. and populated it with players from the Grund Színház, Budapest’s premiere improvisation theater company.
In the end it was as Kis Tibi described it, a miraculous moment. A kind of Live private concert and theater happening at once. An event that happens and then disappeared into thin air. Of course that is why we brought the cameras.

Additionally you can find some interviews with the band made for us by Szabó Szonja here and here.




Vandad Kashefi


DOP/Camera 1:
Márk Győri


Camera 2:
Károly Spáh


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Dániel Kóródi


HP and Judit Kastner


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Anna Szőke


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Judit Kastner


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Csaba Kocsis


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Csaba Kocsis


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Marcell Benkő


József Simon


Zoltán Varga


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Gyula Peterdi


Gábor Szabó


Barnabás Princz


Júlia Szlávik


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Barbara Kund


Lili Makk, Dávid Jancsó


Márk Győri


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Tamás Gerhes


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Sándor Nyíri


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Sándor Nyíri


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Tamás Porkoláb „Egér”


Szonja Szabó


Bence Csobay


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Andrea Gáldi Vinkó
Norbert Perness


Krisztina Csikós


Máté Romanszky


Tibor Kiss
Livius Varga
Szilárd Balanyi
Ferenc Gerdesits
Ferenc Mikuli
József Kárpáti


Szilárd Balanyi and Tibor Kiss


Tibor Kiss


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Annamária Batka
Space Cat
Annamária Batka


Rozgonyi Zoltán
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Attila Bíró
Zoltán Kérdő
Judit Sinkovics
Varga Csuti
Kiss Józsi
Lakatos Józsi
Berta József
Jónás Togay


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