Bosszúdal or “Revenge Song” Tells the tale of murderous love. Taking place in a forest we watch as Love is resurrected from the earth and trace it’s line back to the birth of the first murderous impulse. Makranczi Zalan (From the Hungarian National Theater) accompanies our singer Oláh Annamária in enacting this tale. He even let us dig him into his own live grave.

The Lover: Makranczi Zalan

The Killer: Oláh Annamária

Director / Editor / Colorist Vandad Kashefi

Dop / Steadycam Operator Győri Márk

Producer / Production Manager Kastner Judit

Costume Oláh Tímea

Make Up Sapanidis Elvis Athina

Production Assistant Sváb-Kovács Szilveszter