We put Alba and her band In the basement of the 1.2.Z. Studios in downtown Budapest, (just round the corner from the national opera house). Since the musicians were far apart from each other we tried to use makeshift systems so they could hear themselves play, no easy feat in a long thin stone hallway. We had spent the week collecting cables and televisions, now it was time to get it all right, all the way through in one shot. The band and the steadicam all performing live. Alba Hyseni and company provide a rendition of ‘Adieu’ from her new album “Innermission”. Erdély Mátyás creates beautiful images with nothing more than a handful of domestic light bulbs and a couple of tube lamps. All this from a dream I had involving a cable monster…



Anormal (Vandad Kashefi)


Erdély Mátyás

Steadycam operator:

Pfeffer Attila

Live television feed operator (Musicians):

Csepeli Eszter

Live television feed operator (Alba):

Rév Marcell

Production manager:

Kastner Judit

Red technician:

Becsey Kristóf


Princz Károly

Princz Szabolcs

Video technician:

Bernáth Milán


Dobos Kinga

Sound Recording:

Papp Dávid

Tesfay Áron

Production Designer:

Vandad Kashefi

Art department Assistant:

Kovácsi Máté

Standby technician:

Szabó Gábor

Unit manager:

Forgács Nóra Kinga

Color Grading:

Györi Márk

Audio Mixing:

Kalotás Csaba

Stills Photographer:

Perness Norbert

Special Thanks:

Pusztai Ferenc


Kútvölgyi Léna

Tamara Juristovszky

Tom Bass

Varga Judit

Györi Márk